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Premier Fitness Development is an elite fitness training center located in Verona, Wisconsin. Our gym is more than just a place to exercise and reach your fitness goals but also a community and family where people gather and spend time to discuss and encourage others to reach their goals. You will never feel out of place or intimidated at Premier Fitness Development. Our members and coaches all pride themselves on the friendly, inviting community we have created. The coaches and community at Premier Fitness Development will help you develop a sustainable training routine and a healthier lifestyle that can be adopted for the rest of your life.

Feature Classes


Crossfit Express

CrossFit Express is PFD’s version of a traditional bootcamp still rooted in the quality over quantity exercises that have made CrossFit the safest most effective training system on earth.

$49 a month.

3 Personal Training Sessions

Now being offered for just $99 a month.

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Unlimited Classes

$59 unlimited Crossfit, bootcamp and Crossfit Express classes.

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